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Reyburn CyberTuner for iOS System Requrements:
iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 8.0 or later with 8gb memory minimum, 16gb or greater recommended. Fully tested on iOS 8, 9, 10 & 11 with iPhone 4 through iPhone 8 including -plus models. CyberTuner takes less than 1% of the memory on an 8gb iOS device. As with all iOS apps, an internet connection (wifi or mobile phone) is required to install iRCT.  iRCT is an iPhone app which runs on any iPad in iPhone mode in either 1x or 2x size. Older iRCT versions are available on iCloud for iOS 5 to iOS 7.

Memory note: CyberTuner takes only about 10mb (megabyte) of memory, so even if you have 1gb (1000mb) of free memory, it's enough for CyberTuner.

o Need a fast, informative, personal iRCT answer? Select the appropriate link below and submit a quick and easy web form. Fill out one of these web forms and you will normally receive a reply within one business day (usually quicker).

Support for iRCT is provided by our network of iRCT specialists in North America, Europe and Japan. All iRCT support is provided by PTG-RPT qualified professional piano technicians who are also iRCT users.

See Contact page for questions in French, German, Japanese, Norwegian/Swedish or Spanish langauge.

iRCT Sales: Do you have a pre-sales question about iRCT?

iRCT Tech Support: Do you have a tech support question about using iRCT?

Apple Tech Support: Do you have a question about using your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad?

iTunes/AppleID Support: Do you need help with your Apple ID or iTunes account?

Need personal help with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Make a FREE Genius Bar reservation at your local Apple Store.

o Documentation:

o iRCT v7.7.x Getting Started Manual - English
- Everything you need to know to get started using CyberTuner for iOS.
(3 mb PDF, English, 28 pages)

o iRCT GSM 7.7x cover and index
- Includes both index and print cover for the above manual.
(1.5 mb PDF, English, 3 pages)

o iRCT v7.1.x Getting Started Manual - French
- Everything you need to know about using CyberTuner for iOS.
(3 mb PDF, French, 28 pages)

o Scoring an RPT Tuning Exam with iRCT v7.0.3 & later
- Use iRCT to give the Piano Technicians Guild RPT Tuning Exam (for Certified Tuning Examiners).
(1 mb PDF, English, 2 pages)

o Scoring a Mock Tuning Exam with iRCT v7.0.3 & later
- Use iRCT to study for the RPT Tuning Exam, or to learn or brush up on aural tuning.
Includes directions for Aural Tutor. (1 mb PDF, English, 2 pages)

o iRCT Calibrate mode for iRCT v7.1.1 & later
Note: A440 Pitch Calibration is handled automatically by CyberCloud and not necessary 99.9% of the time.
(300k PDF, English, 2 pages - requires CyberFork hardware - not included with iRCT.)

o iRCT Videos:

o YouTube Video: Reyburn Piano iRCT videos

Our Most Frequently Asked iRCT Questions (and the answers).

0. Should I upgrade to iOS 11?
1. How do I purchase CyberCare?
2. How do I confirm I purchased CyberCare as an in-app purchase?
3. I suspect my microphone isn't working optimally, what should I do?
4. I need to sign in using CyberTuner, but I forgot my password. What do I do?
5. I'm changing email addresses and my iRCT ID email will soon be invalid, what do I do?
6. How do I install CyberTuner? (just purchased CyberTuner, new device or installing update).
7. How do I locate the "Plate Strut Notes" in CyberEar's Smart Tune mode ?
8. Should I upgrade to the latest iOS version, CyberTuner version, or iOS device?
9. Why does Chameleon or CyberEar run slower than it used to when I first installed iRCT?

o 0. Should I upgrade to iOS 11??

Yes, iOS 11 is recommended for any device which supports iOS 11 update. Updating to iOS 11.x is an option supported by the latest CyberTuner 7.7.x release. The latest CyberTuner version continues to run on iOS 8, 9, 10 and 11, and on all current Apple iOS devices including iPhone X. For further upgrade advice see FAQ #6 below. For a list of devices supported by iOS 11 please contact Apple support.

o 1. How do I purchase CyberCare?

CyberCare subscription can be purchased in CyberTuner as an "in-app purchase" by tapping iRCT's "About" icon (lower right) then tap "Subscription" button, then "iRCT Store" buton.

As an alternative you can purchase CyberCare by phone or on the CyberCare purchase page. There is a discount for multiple year purchases.

o 2. How do I confirm I purchased CyberCare as an in-app purchase?

To see your current CyberCare expiration, open CyberTuner and tap the About icon, then tap Subscription button. After the text "CyberCare Expires:" is the date your subscription will expire. If you want to confirm this date with our CyberCloud, tap the Contact CyberCloud button.

If you purchased a one-year CyberCare subscription as an in-app purchase, you purchased it from Apple using your iTunes account and the credit card on file with Apple. Questions about iTunes purchases are normally answered by Apple. If you believe the "CyberCare Expires" date is incorrect, you may want to check your email for the receipt from Apple (arrives within 3 days of purchase). Or check your iTunes account on a Mac or PC computer using these directions:

See your purchase history in the iTunes Store on a Mac or PC - Apple Support

If your emailed receipt or purchase history shows a recent CyberCare purchase from Apple iTunes, but CyberTuner doesn't show that subscription, please contact CyberTuner support. You may be asked to email-forward the iTunes email receipt.

o 3. I suspect my microphone isn't working well. What should I do?

The first thing to do is to confirm the problem. Defective mics are rare in iOS devices, but not unheard of. From tests and reports we've seen from users, 99% of iOS device's mics work fine for iRCT.

The first thing to do to confirm a mic problem is to record and playback sound. On iPhone/iPod there is a build in app called "Voice Memos". Use that app to record your voice or music, then play it back (thru known good headphones is best) and see if the sound is good quality.

If you find the recorded playback isn't the quality you expect, then the problem still may or may not be the microphone. Here's what to try, in order of likelihood:

1. Exit all apps. If you have 10, 20 or 100 apps running in the background (or just one that's a hog) then there's not enough processing time left for CyberTuner or other apps. CyberTuner needs resources such as memory and cpu time to run optimally. If there's not enough cpu time, iRCT will experience "drop-out" as some audio samples are lost since it's not allowed enough time to process them.

If you don't know how to exit all apps, see the FAQ below: Why does Chameleon or CyberEar run slower than it used to when I first installed iRCT?. The same info is in the help (?) button in CyberEar or Chameleon.

2. Is the mic dirty or clogged with lint? This happens a lot on iPhones or iPods which are carried in pockets. Google "where is the microphone on iPad mini" and you'll find it. Carefully clean with compressed air or a toothpick.

3. Is the mic covered by the case? We've seen several cases where this happens. To make sure, take the case off and see if the situation gets better.

4. A bad mic is possible, even tho it's rare. If your iOS device is less than a year old, Apple should cover a mic issue, if you can demonstrate the problem to the Genius bar guys. (Use Voice Memos not CyberTuner to demo).

Another way to trouble shoot that mic is to use a different mic. For instance, iPhones come with a headset that includes a mic. Or you could order this mic for about $20 USD from

Dayton Audio iMM-6 microphone

This mic is very small and plugs into the mic port on any iOS device.

o 4. I need to sign in using CyberTuner, but I forgot my password. What do I do?

Tap the password reset link "iForgot" in the sign in window. You'll be taken to the secure password reset page in Safari. Reset your password using your secret answer. Once reset, please, Please, PLEASE, P L E A S E record your password carefully in a place where you can retrieve it in the future (you WILL need it!).

Once your password is reset and recorded, tap Home button, tap CyberTuner icon and sign in with your new password. Don't forget, changing your password is an account wide change for all your iRCT devices. You will be prompted to sign in on ALL your iRCT devices next time you open iRCT, or within 48 hours.

If you forgot your Apple ID password, please contact Apple (not CyberTuner support). See iTunes/AppleID Support

o 5. I'm changing email addresses and my iRCT ID email will soon be invalid, what do I do?

You can continue to use your old iRCT ID email as long as you like, it's just a unique string of characters that identifies your account. However, it's better that your iRCT ID email is valid, and that we know your current email in case of we need to contact you. To change your iRCT iD email please email us using the iRCT Tech Support web form and enter your iRCT ID email as the return email (if it still works). Otherwise use your current email and we'll send directions.

o 6. How do I install CyberTuner? (just purchased CyberTuner, new device or installing update).

Once you've purchased and installed a copy of CyberTuner on any iOS device, the CyberTuner app (or an update) is installed the same as any other iOS app, by using the App Store app.

Note: After installing you'll need to sign in with your iRCT ID (registered email) and password. If you've forgotten your password, reset it from the "iForgot" link in the iRCT sign in window.

1. Open the App Store app, o then tap Updates at the bottom of the screen.

2. Tap o or your photo in the upper-right hand corner, then tap Purchased. (iOS 10 & older there's no photo/icon just tap Purchased).

3. CyberTuner should appear in the list of apps with an "Update" button or iCloud (cloud with arrow) button to download. If not scroll down or do a search. If you're still not seeing CyberTuner in the list, you may not be signed in to the same iTunes account and Apple ID used for the original purchase. See below.

If CyberTuner does not appear in updates, you may be not be signed into your Apple ID account, or you may be signed in to the wrong Apple ID. You must be signed into the Apple ID which was used to initially purchase your CyberTuner license.

To sign in to your iTunes account in the App Store tap the "Today" icon at the bottom left for iOS 11 or the "Featured" tab at the bottom left (5 point star) for iOS 10 and older. Scroll to the bottom and confirm you are signed in to the correct Apple ID.

If you have an iTunes account issue or need help with your Apple ID please note that RCT support is not able to help other than pointing you to Apple online support or the Apple Store genius bar. For security reasons only Apple can provide direct support for your Apple ID.

If you don't see CyberTuner in the App Store Updates section, CyberTuner may already be installed (in another page or folder). At the home page with app icons, swipe right and enter "cybertuner" to find the app.

Please contact iTunes/AppleID Support if you need help with your AppleID or iTunes account: Apple ID / iTunes help

For personal help with your iOS device, iTunes account or Apple ID make a FREE Genius Bar reservation at your local Apple Store.

o 7. How do I locate the "Plate Strut Notes" in CyberEar's Smart Tune mode ?

1. Locate the note F4. This is the first "F" above middle C.

2. Locate the plate strut to the right, or towards the treble side of F4. Point your index finger at this note.

3. Move your pointer finger to the right until it hits a plate strut. Your finger points at the First Treble Strut Note (FTSN). The FTSN is the note to the left (bass side) of this strut.

Note: Ignore any struts at F4 or below.

4. Locate the next plate strut up, towards the treble. If there is no strut between F4 and C8, enter C8.

5. The Second Treble Strut Note (STSN) is to the left (bass side) of this strut.

6. If there is no Second Treble Strut between FTSN and C8, then choose C8 as the STSN.

Strut Notes

o 8. Should I upgrade to the latest iOS version, CyberTuner version, or iOS device?

CyberTuner is a critical tool for our users. The following advice will help maintain iRCT's compatibility and high reliability.

iOS upgrade advice:
1. If you are considering any major NEW iOS upgrade (such as iOS 11.x), we recommend waiting for at least 30 days after release from Apple.
Exception: incremental releases (eg 11.2 to 11.2.1) which have security fixes should usually be installed promptly - although a week or more wait is still recommended for the cautious.
Make sure you are subscribed to either the or email lists. We do *not* send notice for every iOS release, only major releases and problem releases.
2. Special caution is needed when upgrading to a newly released major iOS upgrade such as (for example) moving from iOS 10.x to iOS 11.x (often in September). Normally CyberTuner will be ready, but there may be issues with major iOS releases. Waiting until the 11.0.1 or 11.1 release in this example, or waiting about 30 days after release minimizes the likelihood of any issues with CyberTuner.
3. When you upgrade your iOS version, please make sure you are running the latest CyberTuner version from the App Store. Older iRCT versions may not run on the latest iOS or hardware.

CyberTuner upgrade advice:
1. We recommend caution using "Automatic Downloads" in iOS 7 and later since a new iRCT version might download and require a sign-in when you're out of wifi/cell range.
2. Best practice for upgrading CyberTuner is to wait until CyberTuner itself tells you to upgrade. CyberTuner will have a red "1" badge on the App's icon (if you've approved CyberTuner notifications) and will tell you it's a good idea to upgrade. This badge and message will only appear after we've fully tested the release from the App Store.

iOS device upgrade:
1. The latest CyberTuner is optimized for iOS 8/9/10/11 and iPhone 4 through iPhone 8, +plus models and iPhone X, and the latest iPads and iPod touches running native on both 32 bit and 64 bit devices.
2. Make sure you install the latest CyberTuner version onto your new device. The latest upgrade is FREE as long as CyberCare is up-to-date! See question 1 above.

o 10. Why does Chameleon or CyberEar run slower than it used to when I first installed iRCT?


This is the same issue that exists on all platforms for any program which needs significant resources such as RCT. However on iOS with 900,000 apps available and many users having hundreds of apps on their iOS devices it's more common to have dozens, scores or even a hundred or more apps open and running in the background.

If you have any trouble with the CyberEar/Chameleon seeming slow, or any spinner issue, please exit all other apps INCLUDING CYBERTUNER!!

1.To exit apps, tap the Home button below the screen to close the currently running app.
1X. iPhone X: From any app, swipe up from the bottom to close the currently running app.

2.From the home screen quickly double tap the home button. This shows all the running applications (at the bottom for iOS 6).
2X. iPhone X: From the home screen swipe up from the bottom AND HOLD for a second until screen changes.

3. Swipe each app's window up to exit.
3. iPhone X: From Home Screen tap and hold on the current app's window in the center unti la red button with a "minus" symbol appears at the window top/left.

4. Exit all apps including CyberTuner.
4X: iPhone X: Swipe up on each app or tap the red button until all apps are gone, including CyberTuner.

If you have any issue AFTER exiting all apps, then restart your device. To power off:
Hold home and power at the same time for 10 seconds and follow the prompts to power off.
iPhone X: Hold Power and volume button and follow prompts to power off.

On any device press power button to power on.

Explanation: Apps running in the background use memory and cpu time. If you have a large number of apps (or just one that's a hog) they may leave little or no resources for Chameleon and/or CyberEar to do its usual excellent job.

Please remember that iRCT has no way to exit other apps by itself, you will have to help it out.

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